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about-unionville-pediatrics-buildingUnionville Pediatrics is an independently owned private practice specializing in the care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. We provide comprehensive general pediatric care, 24 hour on-call physician availability, Saturday and Sunday hours for illness and easy to obtain daily appointments.

We have excellent long term relationships with many specialists locally as well as in Boston and Yale should that level of care become necessary.

We are conveniently located right off of Route 4 in Unionville with easy access from many surrounding towns.

The practice was started in 1977 by Dr. Frederick V. O’Connor and Dr. S. Russell Sylvester. Dr. Peter Jannuzzi joined the practice in 1989. Dr. Sylvester retired in 2017 after a wonderful career of 41 years serving this community. In 2013 we hired Dr. Cathy Corrow, joining us as another board certified pediatrician with 8 years experience. We were fortunate to have the latest Chief Resident at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Mark Gilroy come on board in the summer of 2017. He already has quite a following. Our newest provider is Dr. Jenny Petrauskas, also a recent graduate of CCMC’s excellent program. Our terrific PA, Kelly Lindquist rounds out our provider team

about-unionvillepediatrics-doctosDoctors Jannuzzi, O’Connor, Corrow, Gilroy and Petrauskas are all American Academy of Pediatrics board-certified physicians who attended American medical schools and completed prestigious residency programs in this country.

Our practice philosophy is to follow the American Academy of pediatrics guidelines as closely as possible. We are strong believers in immunizations and do not allow variations in the schedule as dictated by the CDC and the American Academy of pediatrics.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care with maintenance of independence and noncorporate style practices. Our goal is to form a relationship with our patients that carries into the next generation. That is already occurring with many of our former patients.