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Coronavirus 5.0

As predicted by the CDC there are more cases popping up around the country and the US has had our first 2 fatalities. So far though there has been only 4 cases of “community spread” where there was no known exposure that could be identified. Should that start to happen consistently then we will have a much larger outbreak. The trend of mostly mild cases is continuing and children seem to be rather under represented as an at risk group for even getting the illness. No one is sure why but my own belief is that there may be a lot more exposure to minor Coronavirus groups in their age range that serves to protect them against this one.

I wanted to emphasize today that the stated mortality rate is around 3%. That seems rather alarming however we must consider several factors. First, most deaths by far are from the China zone. China has the lowest overall air quality in the world and is home to the largest population of smokers as well. Second, the overall number of worldwide cases at 90,000 is likely much larger making the mortality rate seem higher than it is. Third, they have identified 3 specific risk groups, the elderly, persons with underlying medical conditions and health care workers. If you remove those victims from the death toll the rate for most people is likely closer to the rate for influenza and much lower than three percent.

This weeks flu totals are 32 million cases, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths. Let’s all stay vigilant by covering coughs washing hands and staying out of circulation if you are sick. Good advice all the time.

Please call ahead if you have been traveling to any countries or had exposure to a traveller from any countries on the CDC list. That now includes Italy, Iran, South Korea, and China.

We will keep these posts going until we don’t have to anymore, hopefully real soon.