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Coronavirus Update 3.0

The epidemic continues though it is certainly the worst in China. It would seem it will continue there for a sustained period. The issue of course now being recognized is the spectrum of severity is vast. Many people are hardly ill at all and some have no symptoms despite testing positive. As a result, numbers are climbing quickly. In addition, the Chinese are now using different criteria for diagnosis with no confirmation testing. That makes control much more difficult but also means that the vast majority of people with the virus will be fine. This epidemic is very similar to the H1N1 swine flu and for that matter seasonal influenza, it’s just being caused by a different type of virus, now officially named CoVID-19.

The amount of US cases is still amazingly low at 15 total. The CDC estimates there have been 22 million cases and counting of flu this year. There is no evidence of any sustainability for US CoVid-19 at this time. I think here will be more US cases but it will be isolated. So far there has been only a single instance of person to person transmission between a husband and wife. All US cases are mild and recovering well. So far so good here in the USA.