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COVID Policy Updated 3/21/2020

We are remaining open to continue to serve our families. We realize fully how stressful these times are but also know that there are other health issues besides COVID that continue to need to be addressed, including wellness. We are maintaining every precaution advised to assure a safe environment. This includes a reduced staff that is screened daily for signs of COVID. We have widely scattered appointments and devoted examination rooms, thoroughly disinfected after each visit. For any one who requests it we are able to use a separate entrance and wear protective masks when you are being seen. You may call us from your vehicle to assure a minimal time in the office as to complete the visit. Doing office visits in a vehicle is possible but discouraged as it is generally impractical and hard to do a complete evaluation. Check in and check out can be done remotely. We are strictly screening all non well patients for any respiratory symptoms and excluding them unless it is clearly not a COVID related issue. We have the ability to conduct telemedicine visits and will be expanding that capability. We urge you to consider this option if you have a concern about your child but would prefer to stay at home. There will be a charge for those visits depending on the complexity involved, billed through you insurance as would normally be done. Please see the blog section for more information about COVID and how we see the epidemic playing out. We will all get through this and return to normalcy at some point. For now we will continue to do our jobs as best we can. We thank you.