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Covid Vaccines 5-11

We are now scheduling our first Covid vaccines. We will be scheduling only for the newly authorized Pfizer 10 microgram dose for 5 -11 year olds. At this time we can not complete series that have been started elsewhere and currently do not have the 12 and older formulation. We have our first clinic starting on 12/4/21 with the second dose on 1/8/22. We realize the timing for dose 2 is a little longer than at other sites. According to the data provided the second dose interval can be as little as 3 weeks but as long as 2 months after the first and provide equal protection. It is critical that your child is able to attend on both dates because of the very short shelf life of the vials once mixed.

As with our flu clinics these sessions are designed simply to give the vaccine. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office for more information prior to arrival or when you make the appointment.

Many other sites around the state are still open including pharmacies and vaccine clinics if that proves easier for you or these dates are inconvenient.

Keep watching here for future updates on more or expanded capability.

To find other venues, you can visit either or