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What Are Your Hours?

We are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We have a doctor on call at all times and see patients for illness on holidays, after hours, and weekends as needed. For those appointments you would call the regular phone number. The doctor on call will make arrangements to meet you at the office or if on Saturday morning a receptionist will assist you.

Can I have the same doctor for all visits?

At Unionville pediatrics you have the option of choosing your own provider for regularly scheduled appointments. For acute visits and same-day appointments you may request a provider however that provider may not be available at the time you request. It is our position that you should know all of the providers in order to become familiar with the practice in general.

Is there always someone on-call?

There is always a doctor on call, every day of the year 24 hours a day. After hours, the phone is answered by an answering service and the physician on call will get back to you. If it is an urgent problem the answering service will page the physician and they will get back to you immediately. This applies for nights and weekend coverage as well. We do see patients in the office on Saturdays and Sundays as necessary for sick visits.

Do you participate in most health plans?

We participate in every major health insurance Plan. We will submit all bills for you whether you have a deductible plan, an HMO or private insurance. We also participate in Connecticut’s Medicaid program.

I am going to have a new baby or would like to transfer to your group, do you do pre visit interviews?

We do interviews for potential new patients. You may contact the office and one of the physicians will meet with you and show you around.

Do you give advice over the phone?

We pride ourselves on being extremely available to our patients. It is important to us that you feel you can talk to us when you need us. During the daytime, phone advice can be given by any number of providers including a trained office staff, a nurse or one of the doctors depending on what the question is and what you require. It is always your option to request a call from a physician to answer a question. Messages left for physicians are returned immediately if necessary or during the hours of between 1 PM and 2 PM for calls made in the morning and after 5 PM for calls made in the afternoon.

Can I email questions to a doctor or use social media to contact them?

You may contact the office through our patient portal system, please see below for more details.

Do you have an electronic medical record system?

There was a forecast for freezing temperatures in hell as well as porcine flight reports on 12/29/2017 as we launched an electronic medical record system called Athena. So far we are delighted with it’s ease of use and interactivity. We invite all of our patients or patient parents to register for the portal at the top bar of the site and find out all of the ways you can interact with our office. We hope this will make it easier for everyone to contact our office and complete tasks that you previously had to do by calling. Enjoy!

If you have any other questions please contact us!

(860) 673-6124