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Flu clinics 2019

Its flu shot time! Not what any child wants to hear and yet another harsh reality of the end of summer. The CDC is reiterating how critical a step this is to protect our community. Flu shots for healthy people are designed to guard against epidemic flu which can be fatal to vulnerable members of our community. Getting a flu shot may just save a life. We are running 3 evening clinics on Tuesday 10/1, Thursday 10/17 and Wednesday 10/30. We will also do a daytime clinic on 11/13. All clinics are now open for booking. We are encouraging families w younger children to skip the clinics and make a scheduled appointment if possible. Flu in Connecticut begins most often after the first of the year. It takes 2-3 weeks for the vaccine to build the immunity so there is plenty of time. Its also not too early and the protection should last for the whole season In addition if you are at the office for other reasons you can ask for a flu shot and we can usually vaccinate an unsuspecting sibling who might be along w the scheduled patient as well. They’ll thank you for it later, maybe much later but eventually! Quick note, we do not use the live virus nasal vaccine. It has been approved again after a few years of denial because of lack of efficacy. We feel it is too variable in getting a good response